Employment Access

Employment Access  recruitment e-mail: zhaopin@cnpccei.cn/Tel:0532-80955849


Considering ability and interests of employee, CEI offers two-option employment development for its emplyees. They could either develop themselves to become management, or devote themselves to a professional technology or a field of expertise, and two directions are exchangeable in the employment later on providing employees with broader career development space and opportunities. 

Technical positions:CNPC Senior Senior Technical Expert

CNPC Senior Expert, Enterprise-level I technical experts, Enterprise-level II technical experts, Engineer I, Engineer II, Engineer III, Engineer IV, Engineer V, 9 serials in all.

Comprehensive management: specifically for managerial staff.

Engineering management and functional management two serials.

Engineering Management serial: Project Management, Procurement Management, Construction and Start-up Management. Positions are varied with departments; Functional Management serial: specifically for functional management department covering Assistant of General Manager, Department Manager, Deputy Department Manager, Senior Controller A, Senior Controller B, Controller, Executor, Assistant Executor.