Gas Holder, Refinery Torch, Handling Facility

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Possessing two patented technologies for dry gas holder, twenty sets of gas holders have been designed and successfully put into use. CEI has rich experiences in symbiotic design of torch gas recovery system, advanced design level in interlock control of torch system and torch gas recovery system, and its comprehensive design technology of torch gas recovery system has reached the leading level in China. It is capable of planning and designing torch system for oil refining and chemical complex operating 10M/a , and has designed, completed and put into use more than 20 sets of large-scale torch facilities. With respect to research and development of torch system,
CEI has hosted completion of “Optimization of oil and gas exhaust system in large and medium-sized petrochemical enterprises and “Whole Refinery Combustible Gas Exhaust System Research”, which forms guidance to torch system design and has been applied in engineering project. Torch system design and technology research and development of CEI has reached the leading level in China.