Technology & Innovation 

CEI maintains committed to research and development, creation and resolution in the area of oil refining, coal chemicals, clean energy and other environmental and energy conservation domains, collaborating with well-known licensors and domestic universities and research institutions in the development of process package, process plan, energy optimization, coal chemicals and new refining and chemical technology.
Technologies possessed by CEI in atmospheric and vacuum distillation, coking and catalytic cracking are rated as elites of CNPC. The complete technology for large-scale refinery of 10M/a capacity is independent property of CEI. Holding 165 valid patents, 69 know-hows, CEI undertakes the task of formulation and revision of national standards, industrial standards needed in petroleum and chemical engineering throughout the year, and participates in the preparation of 38 items of national and industrial standards.
CEI has awarded three National Second Prizes for Scientific and Technological Progress and more than 150 prizes for excellent engineering survey, design, scientific & technical progress and technical innovation above provincial and ministerial level.