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Unconventional Energy (Coal Chemical Industry)

In the implementation of the national alternative energy strategy, patents and proprietary technologies for methanol to olefins, methanol to aromatics, oil shale retorting, comprehensive utilization of low-temperature coal tar, and surface coal retorting to produce blue carbon and tar have been formed in cooperation with relevant enterprises.
Shenhua Xinjiang Coal Chemical Company's 680,000 tons/year coal-based new material project adopts SHMTO process jointly developed by Shenhua Coal Oil and Chemical Company Limited and East China Institute. It takes more than four years from the development of process package to the completion of the plant. Under the guidance and guidance of Master Hao Xiren, the technical director of the project, it overcomes many technical problems and applies for many patents. It was authorized to start feeding for the first time on September 23, 2016. It operated steadily for 216 days without cutting off the feeding once. It set the best record for the first start-up operation in China. The unit consumption of methanol, catalyst and energy consumption in operation reached the international leading level.
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