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Guangxi Petrochemical Co. 10Mt/a Oil Refining Project

On 8 September 2010, Guangxi Petrochemical 10Mt/a Oil Refining Project, in which CEI was leading design institute, succeeded in trial production marking a leap of new high platform on oil refining project design with capacity of 10Mt annually. CEI also undertook tasks of designing other units including 10Mt/a Atmospheric Distillation unit, 2.2Mt/a Wax Oil Hydrogenation Cracking unit, 2.2Mt/a Continuous Reforming unit, 2.4Mt/a Diesel Hydrogenation Refining unit, 1.2Mt/a Gasoline Refining Fractionation unit, 2.5-3.0Mt/a Naphtha Hydrogenation light-hydrocarbon recovery unit, and standard 10,000M3/hr. and 120,000M3/hr. hydrogen purification units, 8 main units totally plus 48 units inclusive of part of oil storage and movement with matching systematic engineering and auxiliary production facilities. The wax oil hydrogenation cracking, continuous reforming and other several main units described above hold the biggest capacity of same serial in China.
The annual 10Mt project of Guangxi Petrochemical Co. was awarded a Super-large Goldern Prize for International Excellent Management Supremacy in 27th IPMA on 2 October 2013. It was the third project enjoying such honor following Shenzhou-6 Manned Spacecraft and Huizhou Oil Refinery Project of CNOOC.
On 30 August 2014, mixture of high sulfur crude was starting processed in Atmospheric Distillation unit of Guangxi Petrochemical Co., which marked that engineering processing with sulfur-content crude was fully completed and put into operation in the complex. CEI took the responsibility as overall design institute in each stage, undertook the design of 1Mt/a Gasoline Hydrogenation Desulfur unit and 2Mt/a Diesel Hydrogenation Upgrading unit. The two units made successful commissioning on 15 November 2013 and 23 July 2014 respectively. After fully completion and production, Guangxi Petrochemical Complex has made perfect transformation from processing low sulfur crude to high sulfur crude with gasoline products wholly meeting domestic standard IV and 30% meeting domestic standard V; Diesel product totally meets domestic standard V, besides 1.2Mt aviation kerosene are capable of putting into the market.
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