Sustainable Development

Prevention-oriented:   safety first, prevention-oriented

The company make great efforts to prevent safety accidents, environmental accidents and decrease the risk in order to grantee employees’health and safety.

Safety and Environmental Protection:  enhance awareness of safety and environmental protection

Efforts have been made to educate and train employees on occupational health and safety, and environmental protection, and enhance safety and environmental protection awareness.

Elaborate Design:  efficient management of leading technology


We carefully implement design standards, engineering construction and acceptance specifications, namely contracts. New technologies and new techniques are adopted to provide satisfactory products and considerable service to our customers.

Scientific Management:  people-centered, rule the company by law

Continuous efforts have been made to strengthen integrative management of quality, environment and occupational health and safety in engineering consultation, design and general contracting, and improve modern enterprise management mechanism.

Employees at all levels are the foundation and backbone of our company. It is necessary to provide proper learning conditions, workplace, and suitable environment to our employees, make sure they have access to various training and work, and give full play to their professional knowledge or skills. Therefore, their work, knowledge and experiment will bring benefit at maximum.

People-centered:  Employees are the foundation and backbone of enterprise.

Satisfy our customers:   customer-centered

We focus on our customers’needs, improve projects’quality and our service in order to make our customers satisfactory.


Continuous Improvement:  Continuous improvement has been made to make sure the system effective and safe.

Through target assessment, internal audit, management review, data analysis, corrective and preventive measures, etc., our occupational health and safety system and environmental management system has become effective, safe and environmental-friendly.

In engineering consultation, engineering design and contracting, national and regional laws and regulations in force, regulations, standards and relative requirements formulated by superiors have been implemented to standardize our work of occupational health, safety and environmental protection and sincerely serve our customers.

Law-biding and Integrity:  National and regional laws in force have been firmly implemented.

【QHSE principles 】

Elaborate design, scientific management, safety and environmental protection, people-centered, prevention-oriented, law-abiding and integrity, customer’s satisfaction, continuous improvement